Cat Says ‘Uh-Oh’ Whenever She’s Out Of Food

We all know running out of food is never a good thing. A situation that Bacon the cat takes very seriously.

Watch as this beautiful calico cat can express her disappointment when she realizes her food bowl is empty. She very clearly says the phrase 'uh-oh'.

How does she do it? Well, Bacon learned to perfectly mimic the words because her human mom and dad would often say them before giving her food.

The first time Bacon made the sound, her parents couldn't believe what they were hearing!

Bacon's owner, Barbara Jones, said "When we get up in the morning and go to feed her, without thinking we would say, ‘Uh-oh! your bowl is empty’. Out of the blue one morning, she said ‘Uh-oh’ first very clearly!"

Photo: Getty Images

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