Cleveland Browns Win First Game Since 2016!

For the first time in 635 long days, the Cleveland Browns went home winners! The team, who hadn't won a game since December 24, 2016, were able to bring home a 21-17 victory against the New York Jets last night.

The Jets took it to the Browns in the first quarter and a half. They attacked starting QB Tyrod Taylor towards the end of the second quarter and put a lot of pressure on the Browns offensive line. When Tyrod Taylor was taken out of the game for concussion protocol, Baker Mayfield came in hot. 

Mayfield, who was this years #1 draft pick, played extremely well, electrified the fans, and nailed his throws all throughout the second half. The Jets did not make adjustments needed to keep the lead on this game. The Browns were able to force three turnovers against the Jets. 

Despite some flaws on the Jets part, the Browns overall played well enough to win. They ran the ball and stuck with their game plan. Baker Mayfield had more control of the offensive and it seemed the whole team woke up when he stepped in!

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