Mark Cuban Donates $10 Million Over Workplace Harassment

Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, is donating $10 million to help raise awareness about domestic violence and women in sports. This comes after an investigation released on Wednesday found numerous incidents of sexual harassment and improper workplace conduct with the Dallas Mavericks franchise. The incidents dated back over 20 years. 

The investigation comes after serious allegations regarding former team president, Terdema Ussery, surfaced. Although there is no proof that Mark Cuban knew anything about those allegations, they did fault Cuban for not firing two employees based on clear signs of sexual harassment. 

When asked about the matters, Cuban could not explain to fans how such a hands-on owner could be unaware of such explosive allegations in his own business. Since the incident, the NBA, as well as Mark Cuban, are working to changing policies and the ways harassment is viewed in the workplace. The NBA has also established a confidential hotline for team and league employees to report workplace misconduct.

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Mark Cuban

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