High School Football Player Dies From Injury Received During Game

16-year old, Dylan Thomas, sadly passed away following injuries suffered during his football game Friday Night. The High School Junior from Pike County, GA was rushed to the hospital during the second half of his game after he appeared unstable from a hit taken earlier in the night. His family said Dylan complained about not feeling right moments before his left side went numb and he fell off the bench. 

Dylan was in critical condition upon arriving at the hospital and suffered severe swelling of the brain which ultimately led to his passing on Sunday. 

Following his passing; family, friends, and other teams in the area all gathered at Pike County High School for a vigil to honor the 16-year old. His teammates carried his jersey onto their field and hundreds gathered around in prayer. The community also rallied together using the hashtag #DylanStrong across social media in Dylan's memory. 

This is not the outcome any high school football player should ever have to experience from playing a game they love. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Dylan's friends, family, and teammates during this time.

Source: Palm Beach Post

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