Police Arrest Football Player After Cheerleader's Body Found In Dumpster

A 17-year old former cheerleader of Mishawaka High School in Indiana was found in a dumpster on Sunday morning. Police arrested a 16-year old football player whom the girl is said to have had a prior relationship with. 

Breana Rouhselang was reported missing Saturday night around midnight and around 4:00 am, police found her body in a dumpster behind a local restaurant. Police had reason to believe Aaron Trejo was behind the murder and took him into custody. According to Breana's stepmother, she was 6 months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. 

The restaurant shared this statement regarding the incident. 

School is open today, but students are very shaken up. Breana was a former cheerleader at the local high school and also was the equipment manager for the football team. 

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Source: CBS 12

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