Kenyan Drake Wants 'Miami Miracle' Football Back

Kenyan Drake

Davie (CBS12)

Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake says that Sunday's game-winning touchdown was "one of the most amazing moments" of his life". But as the Dolphins beat the New England Patriots in what's now been dubbed 'The Miami Miracle", Drake threw the football deep into the Hard Rock Stadium crowd. It's his one regret from that post-game celebration, and one he hopes to reverse.

Drake took to his Twitter account on Monday to post a video message that he called a PSA. "I threw the ball in the stands and I would love to have it back,” said Drake. “I got cleats. I got gloves. I got a jersey. And I even got tickets. Just let me know. Please get back with me and we can make a trade.”

It was the first time in 52 years that the Dolphins won on the final play of a game as time expired. The Dolphins will be back at work on Tuesday, preparing for a road game against the Minnesota Vikings to be aired this Sunday at 1 PM on CBS12.

Source: CBS 12

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