Can Maholmes Dethone King Brady?

In 2001, the Patriots were the young unproven team going against the veteran St. Louis Ram's "Greatest Show on Turf" in the Super Bowl. 18 years and 5 championships later, the Patriots have built and sustained the best franchise in sports for that time span as well with a salary cap.

Brady, at 41, show little to no signs of slowing down, appearing in his 8th straight AFC championship game and Patrick Mahome's first appearance. Even though they will never be on the field at the same time, the match-up everyone is looking for is Brady v Mahomes. Mahomes has been on the short-list of MVP contenders this year, Brady lives on that list with 3 MVPs already. 

As much as fans what new blood in the Super Bowl, Its going to be tough to pick any team over Brady and the Pats. The Chiefs better take the lead early and keep their foot on the gas pedal because surely the Chiefs Watched SB LI ad the Falcons lose a 28-3 lead. If it comes down to a one score game the chiefs better pray Brady doesnt get a chance to end the Chiefs season.

Mahomes is the Kid taking on the King, But to quote Omar Little from HBO's The Wire

"You Come After the King, You best not Miss"

 Good Luck Kansas City, you're going to need it.


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