Is Heisman-Winner Murray Making a Mistake?

Yesterday , Heisman Trophy Winner Kyler Murray declared for the 2019 NFL Draft. Unlike other potential draftees, General Managers will have to consider one extra thing, "Will he play baseball or football in 2019?". The Oakland A's drafted him top 10 in the 2019 draft, as Kyler Murray was one of the best college baseball players. 

The Ball in now his in Kyler's Court (only Sport he isn't playing)

playing two sports professionally in 2019 is almost impossible

Only the decision would be an easy one, MLB. The Lack of a Salary cap, the protection of your body, protection of your brain, and longer careers tilt the balance of power in MLB.  The NFL MIGHT bring him Tom Brady stardom but he is still wearing a helmet and being targeted every play. The safe bet (more ways than one) is MLB. 

Damn, Kyler Murray has a good problem here

Should Murray pick The NFL or MLB?

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