Time to Stop Doubting Golden State Once and For All?

Since 2014, the Golden State Warriors have been one of the greatest franchises in Sport History. Breaking the Wins record, winning 3 out of the last 4 Championships, and adding a top 3 player in Kevin Durant to a roster already featuring 2 of the greatest shooters in NBA history, just a few things that make them one of the most feared franchises for a squad to face.

Let Tuesday Night be an Example. Coming into Denver, Golden state was in second place,  only .5 games behind the Nuggets in the Western Conference Standings. Only after the first quarter, with the Warriors setting an NBA record with 51 points all but demoralizing the Nuggets. The game ended with the Warriors winning 142- 111, Showing maybe the Nuggets aren't ready to compete against the Warriors (No Shame in that). 

I know the NBA needs the drama, but until this team breaks up, the rest of the NBA is playing for second.