Brady - The GOAT and It's Not Even Close

After Brady reached his 9th Super Bowl this past Sunday (more than any other NFL team has in their History), It's time to close the books as him being the greatest to ever play in the NFL. 

Montana and Manning are left behind when discussing the greatest Qb's after Brady is brought up and his consistent greatness for 20 years in a Salary Cap League. 

So who does that leave? 

Only names such as Russell, Ruth or Jordan can be in the conversations. Russell won 11 Championships as a Celtic, Jordan won 6 straight titles (without the little gap) and Ruth won 7 World Series in his life time. But Brady's  apprences might be more impressive than any other. 41 and still winning MVPS, Salary Cap sprot, Always picking at the end of the draft and Nothing stops the guy. As well as The NFL being a league that isnt exactly promoting longetivity, but Brady as stood the test of time and the led the way in changing how offense is played.

Now its come full circle with Tom playing the team that he first faced 18 years ago in Super Bowl XXXVI. No longer the Underdog but cementing his legacy as the GOAT

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