Let Bonds In the Hall Of Fame

Never have I seen a better hitter than Barry Bonds, and I doubt I ever will again.

In a few years span, his on base percentage was  .481, he had 404 Home Runs, 1,192 Runs Battled In, 392 Stolen Bases. This was between the years 1988 to 1999, before any of the Steroids Allegations. Even taking away the rest of his "tainted" years, he still has Hall of Fame Numbers. 

In a time where we can assume the entire league was running rampant with the drugs, it is unfair to hold only a few accountable because they ruined some sacred numbers to Baseball Writers. Realtionships with the media shouldn't be a standard on being Hall Of Fame "worthy"

The Hall of Fame was opened in 1939 as a tourist attraction and to gather up interest in a sport during the greatest financial crisis ever to hit the world, The Great Depression. The Owners treated their players horribly and as cattle with the Reserve Clause (Restricting a Player the Right to sign with another team if their original club offered them any type of deal). Now they moralize the place as if it was made to honor the players and not for some quick cash during some hard-times.

Shoeless Joe, Pete Rose, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds all deserve to be in the Hall. Continuing to keep them out because of "Moral Reasons" or "Tainting the Game" is over exaggerating the importance of  what started as Quick-Cash Scheme

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