Yes, It's Spring Training, but The Marlins Have Won 10 in a Row

Your Miami Marlins are 14-10 and winners of ten straight this Spring Training. Most people don't put too much stock in Spring Training performance for a number of reasons. Now having said that if the Marlins were getting stomped, people would be ready to crush the team. So its fair to at least acknowledge that they are playing impressive baseball this Spring.

Breakout pitchers like Caleb Smith, Trevor Richards, Pablo Lopez, and with a number of prospects coming behind them, have shown true promise. Adding Urena and Alcantara, the Marlins have a formiddable Starting Rotation.

Vets in the Lineup such as Granderson and Walker will give the young team the leadership it needs. Brinson, Anderson, Alfaro, and Cooper should progress this year, and with Gabriel Guerrero, Monte Harrison and others coming up soon, this Team is really starting to take shape.

2019 might not bring Maimi a Pennant, but its not as far off as most might think.


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