Paul Pierce Claims He Had Better Career Than Wade Without Hestation

On Friday Night on ESPN, Paul Pierce had the audacity to claim that he had a better NBA career than Dwyane Wade.

It not only insensitive as its Wade last year and should show Flash some respect, but its also compelty ludicris to beive some nonsense. I get it, NBA players are confident, but to have that little self- awareness is insulting to the viewers. Wade is argueably a top 5 guard of all time and Paul Pierce is lucky to be remembered as a memebr of his own big 3. Pierce was part of a great team but only 2 appearances in the NBA Finals and only one championship, they underachieved if you were to ask any Celtic fan.

Black Adam Schefter posted a fantastic "end of argument" meme that stated "If Dwyane Wade came back next season, played all 82 games and scored zero points in every one, he'd still have a higher career scoring average than Paul Pierce" Wade had a Finals MVP, while a young player, putting the entire team on his back once it was clear Shaq wasn't Shaq anymore. Wade also had the Cache to get the greatest basketball player of this generation and a fellow all-star to come to Miami bc he was the Known Winner of the Squad.

In Closing, this argument is so below anyone that its almost a joke it was mentioned at all. Paul Pierce needs to check himself before he loses all credibility if he hasn't already

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