Wade's Last Dance in Miami

What is there to say about Dwyane Wade that hasn't been said already? 3 time NBA champion, NBA Finals MVP, 13 time All-Star, full of heart, a great father, and a community leader not just in Miami but Chicago as well. He was OUR guy , He represented Miami nationwide and repped the 305 with pride.

Being Drafted 5th overall by the Miami Heat in 2004 from Marquette, Wade really stepped into a leadership role during the playoffs of his rookie year with a Game winning shot in the 1st round. He led the team to a first round victory over the Hornets and the pushed the Pacer to Six Games. It was Now Wade's team.

in 2005 Shaq joined the crew, the Heat went to the Eastern Conference finals against the Pistons but lost when Wade was injured in Game 6 and 7 after dominating in the previous games even with the flu. The Heat then Beat the Pistons in 2006 and faced off with the Mavericks in the Finals.

Starting the Finals off at 0-2, Wade put the Heat on his shoulders and beat the Mavericks in 4 straight games. He averaged 34 PPG during the 2006 finals and earned Finals MVP.

Wade then went under the radar while still being one of the best guards in the game and one of the most clutch as well. in 2010 we all know what happened next

The Big 3 got together in South Beach as Wade was the proven winner in the bunch. They led the Heat to 4 straight NBA finals as well 2 championships. There's a few years for Wade in Chicago and Cleveland but we shall not mention those. Wade's final season has been great as he showed he can still ball with anyone. Yes, its a shame the Heat will probably miss the playoffs, but Wade did all he could as a 37 year old man.

Wade is easily the greatest athlete in South Florida Sports history, and if you disagree I'll remind you during those Big 3 years The Nation hated us and Wade and the boys stood tall for us. Thanks Wade for all the memories.

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