Last Night in Wade County

Dwayne Wade scored 30 points in his last game in the Triple A yesterday. With tributes from President Obama, LeBron James, and being introduced by his son Zaire the night started off to an emotional night. The tribute video was well-made and brought back so many memories. There's a large story to tell and they did it well in 3 acts.

The Heat ended up beating a Embiid-less Sixer's team, The Heat dominated, winning the game 122-99. The Pistons won their game, which eliminated Miami from the playoffs, couldn't damper the mood in the American Airlines Arena last night.

The Crowd serenaded Wade with MVP chants and even a 'Paul Pierce Sucks' Chant. The Fans arrived early for the ceremony, which we all know can be difficult for Miamians, and stayed throughout to give Wade the appreciation he deserves.

Last Night Miami saw a 3 time champion, NBA Finals MVP, and their greatest sports hero play his last game, but the memories Wade left us will last a Life-Time

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