The Big Picture of Wade's Legacy

In 2014 when the Miami Heat selected Dwyane Wade as the 5th Overall Pick, not many knew he would become the greatest athlete in South Florida history. In 2019 not many would argue with that statement, especially after 3 championships, great teammate, and being a pillar of the community for 15 years ( we don't count those Chicago and Cleveland stints).

Where does Wade's legacy stand around the country? I imagine they believe Wade to be a great player and sure-firer Hall of Fame, but not in the top 5 shooting guards of all-time. To be fair most list would have the top 3 in cement with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Jerry West maybe a Dr. J or Allen Iverson finishing the list.

I would hope with Wade having one of the greatest NBA finals performances, a better 5 year stretch than any 5 years in Kobe career, as well as the 3 Championships he would be in the conversation. I do believe the farewell tour was good too remind everyone of his impact throughout the league.

Wade won't mean as much to the Nation as he does in the 305 and the surrounding areas, hopefully they realized they witnessed one of the greatest lace up his kicks one last time.

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