Did the Dolphins Finally Fix The QB Spot, After 19 years of Failure?

After 19 trys to rekindle the QB magic that Dan Marino brought Miami, The Dolphins take on their 20th and hopefully the right choice to get the Dolphins back to their winning ways before the turn of the century.

Even though Miami has hosted the Super Bowl a few times, the big game couldnt have felt further away for a Phins Fan. From Jay Fiedler to Dante Culppeper to Cleo Lemon to Chad Henne then to Tannehill, the Phins have dabbled in medicoritymore than any other team in the NFL.

The Josh Rosen trade doesn't fix the problems at QB, but its a low risk, high reward deal for Maimi. If Josh Rosen comes out looking like Peyton Manning then we have a cheap contract and just lost a late 2nd round pick. If the Dolphins fall and rosen doesnt look like the QB of the future then we draft a QB high in 2020. The Plan is still on unless Rosen shows real promise.

Even though Dolphins Management has been suspect at best for 2 decades, hopefully this new regime can make the Dolphins one of the prestige franchises in the NFL again.

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