Caleb Smtih has Emerged as the Ace of the Marlin's Pitching Staff

The 27 year old Caleb Smith as quietly emerged as the ace of the Marlin's Staff. While Posting a ERA of 2.00, Caleb Smith has posted wins in 3 of his 6 starts with 0 losses so far in 2019. His most impressive stat might be his WHIP which is .833, which is really low.

While Pablo Lopez, Tevor Richards, Sandy Alcantara, And Jose Urena have all had good starts and shown glimpses of being great, noramlly there is an inning or 2 of uncertainly and the games get away from the young staff. Caleb Smith hasnt had those issues as much as the others. He focuses of making the batter swing and miss which has gotten him to the rank 6th in the National League in strike outs. The 2.00 ERA also lands him high in the 5th spot as of today.

Caleb Smith has shown he has the stuff to be a top pitcher in MLB so far in 2019, The Rest of the staff looks to catch up to his pace. Let's hope Caleb keeps it up.