MVP of the NBA Playoffs Thus Far

The 2019 NBA playoffs are just heating up as the series head into the middle of series. The fan are lucky to witness these match-ups. These courts are featuring games between James Harden and Chris Paul vs Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, series with Joel Embiid facing off against Kawhi Leonard. That's just half of the series. But who has been the MVP thus Far?

Damien Lillard has had the biggest shot of the playoffs so far while eliminating with the Thunder. He also averaging 34 points, 4 rebounds, and 6 assist. He is shooting 44.7% from the floor leading the Portland Trailblazer to a 6-3 record.

Kevin Durant with All stars surrounding him he has led the playoffs so far averaging 35.4 points per game while shooting 51% from the floor. The efficiency with KD is hard to surpass

The Greek Freak has become the star the bucks were counting on this year. In the Playoffs hes averaging 28 points with 11 rebounds and 4 assist. The Bucks have only lost one game in the Playoffs.

James Harden has helped the Rockets fight back from 0-2 to tie the series against the champs. 31 points per game with minimal help from the rest of the squad. James Harden being a MVP and being able to dominate isn't anything new.

Kawhi Leonard is shooting a crazy percentage at 58.7%. He is also the only player on his team who is consistently making buckets. While Kyle Lowrie being almost absent in the playoffs as usual only scoring 11 points per game and Gasol with 8 per game. At this point Kawhi is the Toronto Raptors

Who is your MVP of the Playoffs in 2019 in your opinion?

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