Pelicans Win 1st Pick, NBA and Fans Lose

The New Orleans Pelicans secured the grand prize in last nights draft. Even with just a six percent chance, they still came out on top. The Knicks fell to the third spot, and the Grizzlies will pick at the 2nd spot. The NBA came out as the biggest losers last night.

Zion Williamson is the biggest star in the draft since LeBron James, He deserves to play in the biggest market in New York. Anthony Davis is dying to leave that team, LeBron James left the Cavs so he could learn how to win. Kevin Durant left OKC knowing he wasn't going to beat the Warriors in that market.

So great New Orleans has Zion. Who is going to come join him? New Orleans has never been a respected place to play. The Smoothie King Center, don't make me laugh. Their very public drama with AD, would be enough for me as a player to know the front office doesnt have the best interest of the players.

Hopefully Zion can overcome and bring some winning to the Smoothie King Faithful (Ha) but I see him leaving New Orleans as quickly as possible.

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