What's My Name: Muhammad Ali and His Impact Worldwide

This Week HBO released a documentary about the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali. Countless documentaries and specials have told Ali's story, this one is different in a lot of aspects especially behind the scenes. LeBron James and Maverick Carter's Production company, SpringHill Entertainment. Also the studio nabbed Antoine Fuqua, the director of the classic turn of the century film, Training Day.

The Story is the same. Cassius Clay is a very outspoken, very confident, very young fighter here to make a name for himself. Once He's Heavyweight Champion of the World, He becomes Muhammad Ali, the icon the world knows today. Civil Rights leader, Pacifist, Anti-War advocate, Humanitarian, and a national hero to a large segment of the world, his impact is unsurpassed to this day in the sports world.

The Man didn't just fight Joe Frasier or George Foreman, Ali took on the U.S. government to a 15 round knock out winning a Supreme Court case upholding his stance as a conscientious objector to avoid fighting in a pointless conflict in Vietnam. He fought the establishment on the Civil Rights issues of the day. He fought for rights of the poor and oppressed for his entire life. Ali was a fighter, and this film does well in conveying that. Even hated by most of White America, none of that fazed him, He was still the greatest, and he never let them forget it.

(Barely mentioned his Boxing Career on Purpose)

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