Nepotism's Affect in the Sports World

Nepotism has always been a huge factor when it comes to professional sports and 2019 is the same story. Owners have been gifting these multi-Billion dollar franchises to their children for decades. Recently with the advent of 24 hour sports coverage and social media, Owners have been in the spotlight more and more.

James Dolan and Jeanie Buss are the best examples of nepotism in the highest levels of the business. The New York Knicks have been an embarrassment for most of my life. Horrible draft picks, misusing money on Free Agents, Rash decisions on the Head Coaching position have led to the Knicks to be a synonym for Dumpster Fire as an organization. Even going as far as dropping confetti in Madison Square Garden (The Mecca of Basketball) after winning their first playoff game in years, The Knicks were behind in the series 3-1 after that victory. Jeanie Buss has been another disappointment. With the hiring of Rob Polinka as General Manager and hiring and quickly leaving Magic John as President of Basketball Operations, the Lakers have also been a laughing stock for a number of years. Kobe Bryant's Final contract disaster (handcuffing the team), mediocre to bad lottery picks in the NBA draft, and what seems to be a never ending stream of drama out of L.A.

These fail children owners have been such a laughing stock that the Clippers and the Nets seem to be better destinations than Kicks and Lakers, which would be a surprise to any sports fan. The great irony is that professional sports might be the best example of meritocracy in this country, but the owners wish to decide job titles based on blood relation instead of merit and brains.