Keeping Mattingly is the Smart Move

The Marlins started their return to Marlin's Park off on the wrong foot to say the least. Losing all 3 games to the Atlanta Braves, and 8 of their 9 games so far in 2019. On the bright side game 2 and game 3 featured spectacular pitching from the starters, Trevor Richards and Pablo Lopez. Trevor Richards went 7strong inning with only allowing 2 hits and 1 earned run. Pablo Lopez followed Trevor with a Gem of his own going 6 innings with 4 hits and only 1 earned run.The Marlins couldn't get the ball on the bat on Saturday, to help Trevor Richards Losing 1-0. The Bullpen was to blame Sunday and Mattingly should not be part of that conversation.

2019 was from the start and is is, a year to grow and develpo the young talent the recent trades brought to Miami. The Starting pitching has been crazy good. As of now, the Marlins are the only team to have only 5 starters for the 2019 season (Caleb Smith will miss his next start, breaking the streak). The bats have been pooping as of late with Brian Anderson and Jorge Alfaro leading the way. The Clubhouse, even without the winning, has been positive and stuck together. Now to Mattingly, He is the leader in that clubhouse and has the bonafides to back it up. Donny might be the only guy who can fearlessly lay out the plans and have Jeter's full respect and admiration. Derek Jeter also has shown nothing but full support for the skipper.

Marlins Twitter need to calm down and remember 2019 isn't about a pennant but growth with the young team. With Donny Baseball at the helm, The Marlins have a clear direction and a togetherness not found in many clubhouses.