Raptors secure Canada's 1st Championship since '93, Welcome Free-Agency.

Last night in hostile territory the Toronto Raptors secured their 1st title as a franchise against the heavily favored Golden State Warriors. Led by Kawhi Leonard, the Raptors closed out the Warriors, in 6 games, winning 3 road games at Oracle Arena.

Kawhi Leonard won/deserved the MVP award, but perfermances from Siakim, Gasol, Green, and the ever surprising Fred VanVleet. A lot of people will down play this win by the Raptors since Kevin Durant only played 12 minutes of the series before tearing his achilles in game 5. Not to mention Thompson and Cousins being hurt on and off during the Finals. Thompson and Durant will feel this loss and consequences for the foreseeable future. KD will miss all of next year, and Thompson will miss most of the season with a torn ACL.

The Raptors can't control health, they can only play the players presented in front of them. They deserve the credit but haters will hate. Now for the real drama, Welcome to the NBA off-season,