Yamamoto, 1st Pitcher in MLB to Start Carrer with 7 IP, No ER, and 3 Hits.

The Marlins and their fans have to be impressed with the start of Jordan Yamamoto's carrer. The Marlins won game 2 of a 3 game series in St. Louis and are looking to take the seriesin the rubber match this evening. Jordan Yamamoto is the talk of the Marlins fsn lately. Since he has been called up from Double A Jacksonville, Jordan Yamamoto has pitched 14 scoreless innings, only allowing 5 hits and 0 ER. He has st a new mark, becoming the 1st MLB player to start his carrer with at least 7 innings, 0 ER and 3 hits.

Marlins fans are seeing the fruits of the process in 2019, the Starting pitching made up of mostly young arms have been very impressive. Standouts like Harold Ramirez, Garret Cooper, and Brian Anderson show the marlins have a plan and looking to be playoffs contenders in the near future.