HBO's Hard Knocks features the Wk 3 Dress Rehearsal for the Oakland Raiders

If America wasn't already aware, Jon Gruden is a walking talking meme. Between the knocking on wood and his eccentric sayings Jon Gruden manages to encourage his players and curse like a sailor. Along with Gruden, the episode features LB Jason Cabinda, his Mother, Keelan Doss, TE Darren Waller, and TE Luke Wilson.

Cabinda is a 2nd year player trying to redeem himself after being cut and resigned by the Raiders last season. Cabinda shares touching moments with his mother as well as a lot of game footage form the Dress rehearsal.

Undrafted free agent WR Keelan Doss, a fan-favorite, has been killing it in preseason. Keelan has been making plays left and right for the Raiders and expects to be a big part of their future.

TE Darren Waller had a small but big part in this week on HBO. Waller had another introspective moment about his problems with addiction and even travels to a 12 Step meeting during Training Camp showing his determination to stay clean and focused.

Week 3 ended with another Win for the Raiders, now 3-0 this preseason even with the field issues in Canada.

Next week is the Season Finale for Hard Knocks Tuesday September 3rd at 10 pm Eastern.

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