Miami Dolphins Name Fitzpatrick Starting QB over Rosen

Last night after the final preseason game, the Dolphins officially named 14 year veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick the Starting QB over recently acquired QB Josh Rosen from the Arizona Cardinals.

After the trade which brought Rosen to Miami, Dolphin fans assumed he would be named the starter to determine whether he can be trusted for the future of this team, the Coaching staff and management has other plans.

This is a decision with little to no foresight. If the plan were to sit Rosen to the first few games since the Dolphins are facing the Ravens, the Chargers, and the defending champs Patriots. If the latter isn't the plan, this would leave the Dolphin's future in doubt for many fans.

Ryan Fitzpatrick as a starter has 190 TDs along with 148 INTs, so he averages about 1.2 TDs for every INT, that's not promising. Fitzpatrick as a record of 50-75-1 as a starter at the tender age of 35. Brian Flores points to leadership as one of the main reasons for the decision, but do fans want the leadership that comes along with a lower than .666 winning percentage?

The 2019 season was a throw away from the start, SO to not see the potential future in Rosen with a full season under the offensive scheme is a mistake and set the Dolphins back another year perhaps. As a Dolphin Fan the QB question needs to be answered and secure which hasn't been the case for the pas 19 years.

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