Why Eli Manning Should Hang It Up

This week Daniel Jones was named the starter for the Giants against the Bucs. Eli Manning will now have endured the 2nd benching of his career and perhaps it should be his last.

Yes Eli Manning has won 2 super bowls. He did play exceptional those two years especially in the Playoffs, but those teams were anchored by a strong defensive line able to apply pressure to the QBs (including Tom Brady) while only rushing 4 guys.

As a starting QB in the NFL Eli is just 116-116, that's .500, the definition of mediocrity in the NFL. Since 2014 the record is even worse at 31-50, with an 0-1 record in the playoffs in that same stretch. Eli will probably be a Hall of Famer for being a part of those 2 Super Bowl wins but Eli was never in the top tier QB class and sniffed the outside of that tier at his best. If anything Eli needs to just retire to keep his W/L record from dipping into sub .500 levels and keep his untarnished record and good standing with the media while he still has his dignity.