Josh Rosen Named Starter in Week 3 at Dallas

After 2 tough weeks of this young NFL season, the Dolphins have decided to see what Josh Rosen has to offer for their future. Not all can be blamed on Ryan Fitzpatrick. Almost 1/3 of the roster has been turned over, and a lot of talent has been traded away since last season. The Dolphins reliezed having a veteren QB isn't going to push them to the playoffs after being outscored by 92 points in just 2 weeks.

Josh Rosen was acquired during the 2019 draft in a trade with the Arizona Cardinals for a second round pick. At that point the Dolphins were looking at a hard season but not embarrassing, since then the wheels have come off.

Josh Rosen hasnt been Elway or Manning in the little time he's had, but the Dolphins need to see if they need to select a QB in the 2020 draft (in which they already have 3 1st rounds picks. After losing Kenny Stills and Leermey Tonsil, Rosen will miss having those talents around and will have to make due with the new players and hope for the best.