NFL Week 4 Power Rankings; Fins Hold 32nd; Bills & 49ers in Top 10

After 3 weeks of the young NFL season, the contenders and pretenders have emerged with a few surprises on both ends of the spectrum. The (1) Patriots, (2) Chiefs, (4) Cowboys and (3) Rams are all 3-0 not to much surprise, but the (6) Bills and (7) 49ers have also compiled perfect 3-0 records, shocking the talking heads.

Off-season darlings such as the (17) Eagles and (21) Browns have fluttered to 1-2 records while not playing as hyped in the media and Las Vegas. Many teams are going through tough times with injuries plaguing starting QBs in 2019 among them stars, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger.

The (30) Redskins, The (31) Jets, and The (32) Dolphins lay claim to the bottom of the bunch.