The Dolphin's Goal going into Bye Week

The Dolphins have been less than spectacular in every aspect of football possible in 2019. They have a non existent running game with only 207 yards in 4 weeks ranked 30th of 32, The Fins also only have 693 yards in the air also ranked 30 of 32. On the Defensive side the Dolphins have given up the most points per game with 40.8 and yards with 472.

Brian Flores and the staff have their work cut out for them. The weakest link on this Dolphins team are theirs lines. Their offensive line is in shambles since the Lemry Tonsil trade, allowing thir QB to be hit 40 times (Most in NFL) and sacked 18 times. The Fin's defense is struggling as their line get no pressure on the QB with only 5 sacks for 2019.

Most fans would prefer a 0-16 season to secure the #1 pick and there looks to be competition with 6 teams win-less so far in 2019. Brian Flores from the Bill Belichick tree, doesn't enjoy losing and won't throw in the towel for a draft pick.