Fresh off Bye Week, Dolphins Host Washington after Coaching Change in Wk 6

In probably the least anticipated game of the Week 6 NFL slate, the Miami Dolphins will host the Washington Football Team. Both squads are win-less, the Dolphins 0-4 and Washington 0-5. Fresh off of firing their head coach Jay Gruden and a 33-7 loss to the Patriots, this might be the best opportunity for the Dolphins to secure a win this season.

The downside to facing a team in similar disarray as the Dolphins, is the lack of certainy in the Washington's starter a the QB position. As much as Coach Flores would have liked to have some idea of Washingtons scheme, the chaos has probably prevented mush of that preparation.

Miami's defense might be in the dark about the starter but the offense has had plenty of time to study Washington. Josh Rosen and company have a great opportunity to play as a real NFL team should this weekend. Maybe after Week 6, the Dolphins will leave the ranks of the win-less.