NFL Week 6 Power Rankings; Dolphins Hold Steady at 32nd; 49ers enter top 5

Week 6 of the NFL power ranking are out. The list stays bookend by the same squads, The Patriots (1) and The Dolphins (32), the surprises occur within the rankings of 2-31.

The 49ers (4) have entered the top 5 in the Power Rankings after their domination of the Browns (21) on Monday Night Football with the final score of 31-3 remaining undefeated at 4-0. The 49ers (4) are the only undefeated team other than the Patriots (1) at 5-0.

Chiefs (3) suffered their first lose, when the Colts (14) shut down Patrick Mahomes and company, handing them their first loss of the year.

Dallas (8) remains in the Top 10 after 2 straight losses but the losses came to very good teams in the Saints (2) and Packers (5).

The one loss Bills entered the top 10 after a win against the Titans (22), and the Bears (11) fell out of the top ten after suffering a loss to the surprising 3-2 Raiders (19) in London.

The bottom of the list has a few surprises in the Atlanta Falcons (27) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (26) , both at 1-4. The Steelers are down to their 3rd string QB and have little hope to bounce back. The Falcons have suffered with a bad defense and inconsistency from the offense.

The Dolphins (32) and The Redskins (31) have a battle for the 31st place this week at Hard Rock Stadium. The Dolphins (32) are under dogs but one of the squads will leave the ranks of the Win-less which include the Bengals (29) and Jets (30).

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