Dolphins Survive 1st Tank For Tua Bowl; Only Bengals & Dolphins Win-less

The Dolphins almost ruined their perfect season in Miami when the Redskins came to town on Sunday barely escaping 17-16, getting their record to 0-5.

With the loss the Dolphins now own the Tie-Breaker with the Washington Redskins. With 2 games remaining with the Jets and 1 with the Bengals the dolphins can secure the tiebreaker with both team and Win the Tua sweepstakes.

A surprise in the game was the Ryan Fitzpatrick spark which almost led to a Win. Ryan led the Dolphins down the field finishing off the drive to a TD pass to DeVante Parker. With the game on the line, Kenyon Drake dropped the 2pt conversion. As disappointing as the drop was, in hindsight that might have been the most important drop in Dolphins' History.