The Dolphins Perform More like an NFL Team Every Week.

The Miami Dolphins have been looking less like the worst team in NFL history to a team with a lot of holes and heart after losing to the Bills 21-31 after being 17.5 point underdogs. Ryan Fitzpatrick had an impressive start (23/35 282 yards 2 TDs and 1 INT) except for a redzone turnover after 1st & goal at the 2. The Buffalo Billls proved too much at the end of the day even though the Dolphins led in 1st downs, Total Yards, Passing and Red Zone attempts and conversions but the crucial turnover in the redzone and another fumble by Preston Williams hampered their odds.

The Defense was hurt by the early ejection of DT Christian Wilkens the 1st round pick of the 2019 draft., but even with that and the rumors swirling around Drake the dolphins performed well and even started . Next Week the Dolphins face the Steelers on Monday Night Football.