Cowboys Need a Change But Jason Garrett Isn' The Only Issue

The Cowboys at 6-7 after their Loss to the Bears on Thursday Night Football. This Season had all sorts of aspirations including the Super Bowl coming into it. As of late there is nothing bu turmoil in Dallas.

The blame for the under achievement is mostly getting dumped on Jason Garrett, But Jerry Jones is the main problem.

What qualifications does Jerry Jones have to be a General Manager in the NFL? Why Does the Owner of the team (which is just supposed to be the money and not the main star of the team) have his own weekly radio show? Why does Jerry Jones have Post-Game Interviews?

Jerry Jones has been an insecure owner since Jimmy Johnson won him those Super Bowls in the 90's. He wants the credit and to win Super Bowls, both can;t happen. Jerry Needs to hire Football people to make the Football calls not a super market rich kid.

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