Is Eli Manning A Hall of Famer?

Yes Eli Manning is a 2 time Super Bowl winner with 56,740 yards in his career. Most people would suggest he deserves to be in the Hall of fame yet they only remember his 2 years in which he finished holding the trophy.

Eli manning has a 116-117 career record as a starter. Eli has been in the top 5 in passing yards on 2 seasons (2010, 2011). Eli has more season in which he led the league in interceptions with 3 as well as 11 seasons in the top 10. In 15 years Eli had made the playoffs 6 times in his 15 year career. Eli has been a servcable QB in the NFL for a decade in a half with a few good runs in the playoffs, but he was never an elite QB or worhty of Hall of Fame status.