Heat Dominate Pacers in Physical Rivalry

Last night the Heat went to Indiana and took care of the 23-15 Pacers. By the 3rd Quarter the Heat were pulling away with big games from Bam Adebayo (18,9,4 in 28 minutes) Jimmy Butler (14,6,7 in 28 minutes) Tyler Herro (19,2,7, 25 minutes) and Derrick Jones Jr.

The story of the game was the scuffle between Jimmy Butler and TJ Warren. After a hard foul on Jimmy butler both players were t'ed up, should have been over then. Afterward an offensive foul the following play on Jimmy Butler, Warren clapped near Jimmy's head then was thrown out after his second technical. Jimmy blew him a kiss goodbye without being notice. D-Wade even tweeted game reminded him of the old days with the Rivalry.

Jimmy wasn't finished when the final buzzer. Jimmy let his thoughts known the media post-game saying "I mean, to me, I think it’s tough for him because I can guard him and he can’t guard me. At the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to. I think you’ve just got to watch your mouth in certain situations. There’s some (crap) you just don’t say as a man."

The next time the Heat and Pacer face off with be March 20th in Indiana

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