SEC Reigns Supreme; 8-2 Bowl Record

A tale as old as time, last night LSU (representing the SEC) defeated the defending champs Clemson Tigers 42-25. Since 2006 the SEC has been the dominate conference in the NCAA. 10 National Championships and only missing the Championship game once in 14 years. Clemson, Ohio State and FSU are the only teams to win outside of the SEC in that time.

This year in the Bowl Season the SEC earned an 8-2 record. While the other major conference schools all were under .500. While there are other schools who have a lot of talent, only the SEC has talent all over as a conference. released a stat that had 6 SEC schools in the top 10 of all schools being represented in the NFL. Overall the SEC has 339 former players while the BIG Ten has 253 and ACC with 215.

Until the other conferences figure out a way to compete on recruiting the same talent the SEC will continue their reign.