LeBron Lashes Out on Astros and MLB Commissioner over Cheating Scandal

The Astros controversy has jumped from the diamond to the hardwood. Last night LeBron James gave his 2 cents on the whole situation and was not too kind to Commissioner Manfred.

He's right though, Manfred has handled the situation all wrong. I would say the immunity was the correct call to get the players to discuss the entire "Sign Stealing" scheme . Many players including Trevor Bauer, Justin Turner, and Mike Trout have all spoken out against the Astros and/or Manfred's handling of the scandal.

The Aftermath has been the issue, dismissing reporters, telling the media to move on beyond this, and calling the World Series trophy "Piece of Metal". Manfred has understand the story is the Astros and adjust accordingly. His main focus from here on is to make sure the Astros players are safe from retaliation form the opposing teams and accept the Astros will be the story for the 2020 season.