DRAFT DAY! Miami Has Three Picks in the First Round! Don't Screw Up Please!

The Dolphins have entered the biggest day of the franchise this century. Tonight, in the NFL Draft, they have three picks in the first round.

As everyone assumes the Dolphins will take a QB with their first pick at number 5, with either Tua or Herbert, the other picks at 18th and 26th will impact the franchise in great ways as well.

The Dolphins have holes all over, Offense and Defense, so just by choosing the best player available at those picks will probably be the best option for Miami.

Another option thrown around by the media and the rumor-mill is that the Phins will trade up to either land a Tackle at the third pick or even move to number one to draft Joe Burrow.

Whatever happens, tonight's draft will be a nice distraction but will determine the future of the franchise for years to come.

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