Jordan's Gambling "Problem" Isn't Really A Problem At All

Michael Jordan has reached levels of completion few of us will ever experience. Among those few, Jordan has a drive those selective others can only dream. Jordan's drive to win extends to every aspect of his life, but it's not enough for Jordan to win. Jordan wants t win with stakes.

So Jordan likes stakes with his games. Naturally Jordan likes to gamble. Golf, cards, quarters, and who knows what else Jordan would throw down a bet. The amounts sound outrageous to normal people but to Jordan 15,000 on a card game was Tuesday night.

The media has a reputation of trying to bring down the king of the mountain. The media will attach themselves to any negative story in order to get readers or viewers. "If it bleeds it leads", so what's a better story than the downfall of a golden boy.

In the end, the controversy wasn't enough to bring down Jordan. The Media trying to attach a gambling problem to a multi-millionaire at the time is almost ridiculous. Jordan gambled to let of steam from an outrageous amount of pressure, Would they prefer he was a drug addict instead? Jordan wasn't the only one who gambled, the NBA is famous for their plane card games and controversies

These athletes have reached the ultimate level and their competitiveness is only something we can imagine and gambling (which is legal in plenty of states) is a way to let out their unimaginable drive.

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