MLB Plans to Present Return-to-Play Proposal To MLBPA; Pushback Expected

The owners want to propose a Return-to-Play plan to the MLBPA this week. According to reports, the Players are expected to push back against the plan.

The major issue is the players compensation. The owners want a 50/50 revenue share when return happens while the players want a pro-rated salary according to games played.

The Owners want the players to share in the loses of general revenue at the ballpark and such but wouldn't share in the profits in the past. The owners are trying to push a cap on the league which has been shot down several times before by the Player's Association.

The players should reject the offer and hold firm. They just want to be paid for the games played and the owners should take the financial hit.

here are the other bullet points

  • An expansion of playoff teams from 10 to 14
  • An 82-game season
  • The use of home stadiums in areas that have local and state government approval
  • A so-called spring training 2.0 that begins in June, with a season set for early July
  • A universal designated hitter
  • Geographical schedules, in which teams play only in-division opponents and interleague opponents in a similar area (i.e., American League Central teams play AL Central and National League Central teams)
  • A 30-man roster with a taxi squad that would have upward of 50 players available

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