Positive COVID-19 hits 100,000 plus in FL, Maybe Sports Shouldn't Restart

With Cases and almost new daily highs of COVID-19 in the state of Florida maybe the NBA, MLB, and NFL should hold off on the restart, here in Florida especially.

The NBA's plan to proceed with the playoffs in the bubble of Disney World is almost a fool's errand. Even with all the safety precautions being done, the NBA is going to have a tough time preventing a potentially big outbreak in the park. Super irresponsible to even have this approved and even encouraged by our governor.

MLB plans on returning early July but just had 40 players and staff test positive for COVID-19 last week.

And the NFL just pretends everything is just hunky dory and not worried in the slightest.

This shows me these leagues are only about one thing and it isn't the saftey of their employees. Miami just impremented a mask mandate in public. Are the Marlins going to be wearing mask on the field?

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