Dwight Howard to Donate "Bubble" Salary to Charity upon Season Restart

Dwight Howard has had his Up and Downs, Lately more Down since his trade from Orlando to the Lakers in 2012. Since then he has hopped around to Houston, Charlotte, Washington, and now back to LA.

Hes been a big part to the success of the team this year averaging 19 min, 7.5 points per game, and 7 rebounds per game.

He had his doubt whether to return to the bubble but he has decided to come and finish what he started.

The Cool part of the story though is he will be donating almost 1 million dollars to a chairtable cause named Breathe Again. His de-funked website is relaunching in the wake of the worldwide protest for social and racial justice. 700,000 is a good start.

This is an example of putting your money where your mouth is.

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