Any Chance the Dolphins Can Win the AFC East in 2020?

2020 has been a roller coaster to say the least. Tom Brady leaving the AFC East has changed the entire division and is wide open.

The Bills are the fan favorites as of now, with the returning Josh Allen and the outstanding defense, finishing 10-6, Losing to the Texans in the playoffs as a Wildcard.

But the Dolphins aren't too far away. The Dolphins finished 5-11 last year, with lots of hope going into the 2020 season mostly stemming from Tua and a good 2020 off-season. With a couple of breaks the Dolphins can ruin some early 2020 predictions.

The Patriots did add Cam Newton, add with almost no weapons and 8 players opting out of 2020, they arent the juggeranunat as usual. defintely beatable this year, See you Week 1.

The Jets are the Jets.

Maybe crowing the Dolphins AFC East champs is shooting for the moon, but its nice to dream.


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